Kao Kerasilk Design Relaunch Range Ansicht

Global Relaunch 2023

KAO Kerasilk — KERASILK is being relaunched as an independent masterbrand of the Kao Salon Division after being under the Goldwell brand umbrella for over 40 years. A perfect reason to give the brand a complete make-over and bring it into the here and now on all levels.

 The unique Kerasilk Look & Feel is a balance between a consistent and controlled appearance on the one hand and the desire for creative staging on the other. This balance between control and creativity along with performance and care is reflected in the new Kerasilk shape: soft lines and angular edges communicate softness & strength as well as femininity & masculinity.

KAO Kerasilk

Global Relaunch
Structural Design
Label Design
Range Structuring
Design Strategy

Kao Kerasilk Packaging Relaunch Liquid Cuticle Filler

This yin and yang, the harmoniously flowing transitions between cap and body and the delicate, pastel color scheme make the new appearance highly cosmetic, elegant, and at the same time a beautiful nod to the Japanese origins of the brand.

Kao Kerasilk Packaging Design Relaunch Shampoo Range

The new unique brand architecture, which is based on the habits and individual needs of consumers, consistently dispenses with hair diagnosis areas thus – together with the colour division of the range into Specialists, Essentials and Styling – intends to inspire an individual, creative and flexible approach with the products. As a result the new design shines in a unique and luxurious look and gives the hairdresser the stage for an innovative experience. 

To minimize the amount of material and achieve maximum recyclability, the packaging material was reduced and recycled mono-material was used. The simple, white label with visually playful, given Kerasilk logo completes the new look.