Brillant together

Söhnlein Brillant  Registered as the first German sparkling wine brand in 1964, it stands for the democratization of sparkling wine in Germany. Thanks to Söhnlein Brillant, almost the entire German population could afford sparkling wine for the first time. 

The aim of the relaunch was to modernize, rejuvenate and emotionalize the brand, as well as to create a clear, consistent brand image to unify the range of classic wines, special sparkling products and limited editions.

In the long history of Söhnlein Brillant, in which the brand has been revised 13 times since 1964, this design is the biggest step so far. A completely new interpretation of colors in modern light metallic tones, a greater use of white instead of gold, a first-time loose lettering in a handwritten style, and an overall clear design with reduced heraldry achieved a repositioning – from a sparkling wine for special, festive occasions to a sparkling wine also for informal settings.





Limited Editions

Söhnlein Brillant Pink Grapefruit, Mango-Passion Fruit + Melon

The new sparkling fruit editions interpret the relaunched design in a young and playful way. The label is surrounded by a summery world, featuring new trend animals, ingredients and flavours every year.

Since 2022, the fruity sparkling wines have dispensed with the sleeves previously used. For reasons of sustainability, they rely on removable paper labels that stand out on the frosted glass bottles.